Beneficiary night

IMG_9547 Strummin ‘s beneficiary night was held on Monday 26th July at the University Chapel. It’s the culmination of a year’s work for the 100 plus volunteers within Strummin. Last year’s beneficary,Dr. Klown sent one of the clown doctors to accompany the directors Mr & Mrs. Sleypen for the small ceremony.Strummin coordinator Gwyneth Zammit presented the sum of 1800 Euro,the funds raised during last year’s concerts . Speaking on behalf of all the clown doctors,Mr.Maurice Sleypen expressed his gratitude towards all the Strummin family as he explained the invaluable work done by Dr. Klown at Mater Dei ‘s children’s wards.

The beneficiary night also served as the launching platform for this year’s beneficiary. Mrs. Nora Macelli from Fondazzjoni St. Jeanne Antide was introduced and she explained the foundation’s work which is primarily of social work within the community. She said that the funds raised from this year’s concerts will go towards their SOAR project which is aimed to support victims of domestic violence and also offers workshops /educational sessions on dating violence.

It was a good opportunity to welcome some of the new members in the Strummin family and also to meet some familiar faces who were with us in the past but who cannot make it this time round. The night ended with some refreshments and an open mic session ……….. a simple set up of acoustic guitar and a microphone….yet the vibe was excellent! Strummin What a Feelin’……… Good vibes all around :)

Strummin What a Feelin’  concerts shall be held on the 9th and 10th October at the Sir Temi Zammit Hall, University of Malta.
More info at and also on Facebook via the Strummin Home page. Alternatively visit the Farsons Beer Festival on Sunday 2nd August and experience a Strummin performance on the main stage at  21.30 hrs

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Exciting times

singers auditon week end

Its that time of the year again!

This weekend we’ll be having singers’ auditions for Strummin’ What a Feelin’

Auditons for both solo and backing vocals shall be held from Friday up till Sunday at the ZHN premises in Floriana. No doubt that all the singers will be preparing in earnest for this!

For some Strummin’ might represent a launching platform. Many have dreamt of going on stage and singing their hearts out but have never found the courage to do it. Others might look at this as yet another stepping stone to bigger things.Maybe in this edition we might discover the next Ira or Gianluca (Gianluca Bezzina did actually have some of his early experiences on stage through Strummin) :)

Strummin’ also attracts experienced singers,who look at the event as an opportunity to do something different and also,most importantly to volunteer their time,talent and experience to help others.

What ever the case I surely  do not envy the judges! These people will have a big task to pick the singers who will actually make it on stage this October!. There will be songs which will attract a big number of singers,so the judges will probably go to sleep with a couple of songs still ringing in their ears!

On behalf of the committee and singers I would like to thank them in advance for their work.

Two thumbs up and a tap on the back for our singers’ coordinator Martina Vella,who had the arduous job of organizing the schedule for the whole weekend………..not an easy task at all!

Good luck to all involved in this very important part of the preparations for this year’s event.

A word of advice for the singers. Keep calm!…………relax,remember that tension is not good for the voice :)
A word of advice for the judges………..Stock well on coffee!! :)

Calling all guitarists

The call for vocals to take part in this year’s edition of Strummin’ is now closed.
We have an encouraging number of budding and experienced singers who want to be part of Strummin’ What a Feelin’ :) This year’s concerts shall be held on the 9th and 10th October at the Sir Temi Zammit Hall,University of Malta.
No doubt that all of them will be going through the set list,listening and trying out which song they think is best suited for them.Its not an easy task let me tell you!
This year’s set list includes some great songs from the likes of U2.Led Zeppelin,Whitesnake,Cheryl Crow,Chuck Berry,Queen,Pink,Lenny Kravitz and One Republic amongst others.

Auditions for guitarists remain open until the 2nd July,so all of you budding and/or experienced guitarist are still in time to apply .
One of the best things about the Strummin’ experience is the diversity of musical levels. We look forward to give an upcoming guitarist the chance to mingle and learn from more experienced ones. So Whatever your level of guitar playing,we want to hear from you. I’m sure our guitar teachers can handle it.

Its a fun way to spend your summer…………a  summer of music! and at the same time you’ll be giving your part in helping others. This year’s beneficiary is the St Jeanne Antide Foundation.

Don’t just dream it- DO  IT!!

Copy of guitarists2

Strummin committee 2015

Hey there Strummin’ fans! We have set the ball rolling for another fun filled Strummin’ adventure!
Meet the hardworking people on this year’s Strummin’ Committee. A big thank you goes to them, seeing as the concert would hardly be possible without their contribution.

Coordinator: Gwyneth Zammit
Fundraising, Finance and Social Events Coordinator: Jacqueline Barbara
Event Logistics: Geraldine Sammut
Communications Coordinator: Daryl Ebejer
Music Coordinator: Martha Muscat
Guitarist Coordinator: Maria Attard
Sponsorships Coordinator: Maria-Christina Friggieri
Stay tuned for more info…..soon

It’s time for #Change

Friday 7th arrived and I can confirm that the Strummin’ for Change technical and general rehearsals were a blast for both guitarists, band and singers. The organisers kept running around, putting the finishing touches on so many things, whilst trying to enjoy the show… ah, it’s ok, they’ll be more relaxed tomorrow when it’s all over!

The cast were handed their t-shirts and people picked up the latest merchandise which will be available for sale during the concerts. The singers are already sipping a concoction of warm honey and lemon from their new travel-mugs.

The show is shaping up nicely with Matt Bonanno at the helm this year taking up hosting duties. The guitarists are warming up to reach the dreaded C# and Eb chords, eager to perform well in front of the large audience. The singers are carrying the show brilliantly, and the surprise ending is, well, a heart-warming surprise for you all.

We look forward to welcoming you in a few hours’ time at Sir Temi Zammit Hall today and tomorrow for a musical revolution.

Tickets will be available at the door. Seating is on a first-come-first-served basis, and great music is guaranteed :)


#strumminforchange run-through in progress :)

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