Funk Initiative battle for Isle of MTV spot

Gianluca, Luke, Paul, Shaun, Fabian and Daniel are remembered by our audience at Strummin’ for taking part in the concert over the years. They’re pretty much part of the Strummin’ family. Now with their band Funk Initiative—funky, rock, indie and cool would describe their music—the boys are in the running for being this year’s opening act for Isle of MTV 2014. Last year Gianluca took to the stage as a solo artist to reprise his hit Tomorrow in front of the international audience. Continue reading

Cinnamon War debut single on the Maltese Scene

Cinnamon War is a band with a genuine love for playing together. Fronted by Mike [Portelli, who took part in the latest edition of Strummin' The Elements] who yields a raw powerful voice, the band delivers a heavy rhythm, for a collective sound reminiscent of 70s classic rock, as well as 90s grunge. Although the band members are reluctant to label their music style, they also cite contemporary influences including Foo Fighters and Biffy Clyro. Continue reading