Welcome to Strumminartists.com!

Luke Grech. Photo: Shaun Abdilla

Welcome to Strummin’ Artists!

This site is dedicated to all of you out there who have been, are or will be part of the Strummin’ experience. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a short introductory course:

Guitarists during Strummin' Chroma X. Photo: Siemenjov Galdes

Strummin’ is a concert organised by ŻĦN (Young Christian Workers Malta) annually to raise funds for charity. In its 10-year history, the concert has been a platform to over 400 young people to explore their musical and creative talents, while giving back. Numerous people who never knew how to play guitar, have mastered the skills required during preparations for the concert, some of whom have taken it further to become professional musicians.

Strummin’ Artists is tapping into the creative cauldron that is Strummin’. Together we will be meeting the people behind the concert, and the artists who make the magic happen on stage. We will be interviewing guitarists, singers, musicians, photographers, designers, presenters and all those who have put their grey matter to work for Strummin’. Also, we will be keeping you updated with what is happening in the Maltese music scene, in relation to Strummin’.

If you have been involved in past concerts, feel free to contact us here to tell us your story. We promise to get back to you shortly.

Nathalie Pace. Photo: Chris Vella

Also, watch this space to read news about the upcoming 2012 concert, including audition dates and latest news.

Sincerely yours,

Jean Claude


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