Guitarist Profile: Alessia Micallef

Here’s another guitarist profile for you! We talk to Alessia Micallef about music and Strummin’.

Name: Alessia Micallef
Occupation: Biology and Home ec. student
All-time favourite band?



Current favourite song? Fool in the Rain by Zeppelin


Current most-hated song: Ai Se Eu Te Pego… so annoying

Which artist, concert or festival would you most want to watch live?

Definitely this year’s Sonisphere (if it hadn’t been cancelled), watching Kiss and Queen.

When did you first participate in Strummin’?

My first one was Strummin’ 9, two years ago. My favourite would be Strummin’ Chroma X. The vibe blew off the roof, literally.

How did you get to know about Strummin’?

A poster at school, I thought it was impossible to have a guitar choir so I had to be in the audience for Strummin’ Home 007!

What would you tell people who are interested in taking part in Strummin’ this year?

Join us! There’s no other way about it!

When did you first start learning guitar?

Well if you consider air-guitar, since I was 4 :P. I was 10 I was given a Melody guitar from 1967 and started going to lessons.

Are you involved in any other music-related projects?

I am currently in a band called Fiction Spin working on some new stuff and playing small gigs.

Do you play electric or bass guitar?

I play electric guitar. Right now I have 4 guitars: Melody guitar, Fender Highway one, Yamaha Classical Guitar CG101A and Fender Acoustic Cd 101CE.

What amps/pedals do you own?

I have a Fender Princeton 65, Tc electronic Nova System and Slash Crybaby by Dunlop

Check out Alessia playing in her first Strummin’ concert:


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