10 Reasons Why Guitars Are Awesome

As if you needed to hear it from us! Everyone knows that whether electric, acoustic… the guitar is the coolest musical instrument ever! And we’re not biased AT ALL.

Still, if it’ll take some convincing, here are our top 10 reasons why guitars are awesome.



They make having strings attached… a good thing!

Haha. What? You’re leaving already? Ok. Next one will be a better reason, I promise.


Everyone knows you’re a great, guitarist, dedicated to your art!

You keep guitar picks in your room, gig bag, car, wallet. “Oh sorry, I’ve dropped my pick. Oh well, yes, I am a guitarist, how good of you to notice!”


They won’t crash during your Guitar Hero Expert level solo.

We’ve all been there *sigh*.


They add to your interestingness.

Yeah, the bassist is cool and drummer plays hard, BUT GET A LOAD OF THAT LEAD GUITARIST’S MAD SKILLZ!


They have more strings than bass.

Um, alright, technically a six-string bass has as many strings as a regular guitar… but, erm, we’ve never heard of a twelve string bass, now have we?


They’re loud.

LOUD. CAPS LOCK ON LOUD. Macaulay Culkin, parent-flying-through-the-roof, first-scene-from-Michael-Jackson’s-Black-or-White loud.


They’re better than carrying a piano to a campfire.

Haha. Now there’s an idea.


Your friends can’t sing along to the drums.

Cue Lesnich’s face saying “Challenge Accepted”.


Air guitar is lame.

Period. And we’ve been over this before!

And there you have it. Nine, perfectly decent reasons that should have set your mind at rest by now. The guitar is the awesomestest instrument ever. Our, top, no. 1 reason should be an easy guess…


You get to play in Strummin’ 2012!
Can I hear an Aaaaa-Men?

8 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Guitars Are Awesome

    • If you don’t post something with the likes of that, NO ONE WILL! haha… Plus, I can so imagine an edited pic of Lesnich’s face with the ‘challenge accepted’ meme, making no.3 come to life 😉 haha


  1. They are great for rehabbing after a stroke. Although I can’t play as I once did, following the strokes I decided to use the blog to give myself goals that would help rehabilitate physical and memory problems. Please check out my blog for guitar licks and tablature.


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