Strummin’ 2012 – It all starts today!

We are officially just a few hours away from the first guitarists’ rehearsal for Strummin’ 2012! The excitement is piling up as most of the guitarists to hit this year’s stage will be meeting for the first time. Strummin’s Facebook page has been buzzing with activity these past few days and everyone seems to be looking forward to start this 3-month adventure with us!

The wheels of the Strummin’ bus have been turning for quite some time, but it’s only now that we’ll be revving our engines!

Singers’ auditions were held in the past few weeks. We received an overwhelming amount of applicants. The people who will be lending their voice to us for the two magical nights have been chosen. In the meantime, the committee have been busy preparing social events for all the participants. More details will be announced soon!

With regards to the event, things have started shaping up as the stage coordinators unveil the concepts for this year’s stage. We can assure you it’s looking very regal 🙂 It’s going to be one heck of a posh Strummin’!

The concert will get a new look this year, with the new branding and logo to be revealed early in July. The committee has decided on a logo, and they’ll be working with the designer to draft out new tshirts, posters and other merchandise. Expect some awesome-looking goodies to take home with you this year!

In the coming weeks, we’ll go behind the scenes of the guitarists’ rehearsals as we start meeting up with newcomers of this year’s edition.

That’s all for now from Strummin’ Artists! Keep checking the site for more news, gossip and most importantly artists!


P.S. Good luck to all those Strummers who are sitting for exams now, or in the coming weeks. We’ll miss you, but we need you to focus your energies on your studies… to enjoy summer with us! Much love! xxx


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