Ghosts of Strummin’ Past – Strummin’ Home 6

Another month has gone by and as preparations for this year’s edition are already taking shape, here goes another trip down memory lane. To the sounds of guitars during the second rehearsal for this year, I fish out the chords book of Strummin’ Home 6, and I take a look at the photos I took during those nights…

Part of Symphonik Choir, at the concert

Held in September 2007, Strummin’, then in its 6th edition, was swiftly becoming an annual event in the ŻĦN calendar and a substantial part of the Summer of quite a few volunteers, guitarists, singers and band. For that year, Strummin’ also had Symphonik Choir on stage for the second time round… a choir that started from Strummin’ 5 and is still going strong now in 2012, so much so that they have a concert coming up soon (which you should totally check out!).

I’m sure you’re familiar with the weddings’ saying… Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue… Well, Strummin’ Home 6 did not resemble a wedding at all and yet it had all the elements to make a perfect wedding as they saying goes! As for the “old” part, once again Strummin’ went back to collecting funds for Suret il-Bniedem Foundation, the original beneficiary of the Strummin’ concerts.

Justin Galea, Isabel Camilleri, Janice Debattista and Darren Micallef – the singers for ‘I Don’t Feel Like Dancing’

Then comes the novelty: For that year we had asked people interested in working on the artwork for the concert to send us their suggestions. The artwork of a rain of blue and red guitars was chosen from amongst the submissions received. We were even more innovative! This was a major leap for Strummin’ since two original songs were performed at the concerts – ‘On My Way’, written by Malvin Debono and our very own title track, ‘Keep on Strummin’’ written by Antonio Olivari which you can check out as you scroll down. Besides from the blue guitars, all the participants in that year’s concert were clad in dark blue t-shirts… so that gives us something blue. Then, for the something borrowed, we borrowed 25 major hits. We had artists such as Queen, Beatles, The Blues Brothers, Status Quo, Sting, Bon Jovi and many others to give the audience a fantastic mix of songs to enjoy and dance away, even though Janice, Isabel, Justin and Darren didn’t feel like dancing at all!

As the rehearsal comes to an end, I also bid farewell to the ghost of Strummin’ 6 although I find myself still humming this tune…

Strummin’ and we feel much better

Strummin’ when we are together

Strummin’ we want to change the world

You can look around and hear the sound

That’s us… Strummin’

The guitarists at Strummin’ Home 6.


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