Guitarist Profile: Zach Muscat

For this edition of Guitarist Profile, we find out what Zach Muscat thinks about music and the concert.
Name: Zach Muscat
Age: 15
Occupation: Still a student doing O’ levels with no future plans 😛
Favourite band:
Has to be Guns N’ Roses 
Current favourite song:
 Led Zeppelin – Nobody’s Fault Mine
Most hated song:
Anything that doesn’t have a little extra behind the music.. 😉
Any local artists you look up to?
Airport Impressions and Red Electrick are the top two I look up to but there are much more cool bands out there that put their own little twist on what they do
Would you like to see someone in particular live?
Seeing the Foo Fighters live would be a dream come true

Your first Strummin’?
I joined in Strummin’ Home 9 and so far things just keep getting better and better 😀
How did you get to know about the concert?
A friend had told me about Strummin’ and thank God I got to know!
What would you tell people who have never been part of Strummin’?
Don’t even question yourselves about not taking part… it’s something you can’t get anywhere else.
When did you first start learning guitar?
I’ve picked up a guitar about 3 or 4 years ago but I’ve been taking it seriously for a shorter time

Are you involved in any other musical projects?
There should be some other band related projects kicking off this summer with some unusual things 🙂
More interviews coming your way soon!
– Matthew

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