Strummin’ 2012 singer: Mark Bartolo

Mark Bartolo singing during Strummin’ Chroma X (2011).

It’s August and the next Strummin’ concert is looming near! Just as the singers start preparing themselves with the band, I meet up with them and ask them a few questions for you to get to know them before they step up on stage.

Opening the round is none other than Mark Bartolo who will be paying tribute to Frank Sinatra on the 14 and 15 September at Strummin’ Tribute to the Greats.


Mark Bartolo

Age: 28

Occupation: Programmer

How did you get to know about Strummin’?

Through ŻĦN Symphonik

When did you first participate in Strummin’?

In 2010 (Strummin’ Home All Time Favourites). That was my favourite concert so far.

What would you tell people who are interested in taking part in Strummin’ this year?

It’s an opportunity not to be missed where you get to know a lot of new people and sing with tens of guitarists accompanied by a band.

When did you first start singing?

Back when I was around 10 years old in the primary school choir.

Which artist/s would you most want to watch live?

Christina Aguilera & Robbie Williams.

Is there a local artist or band you look up to?

Ira Losco because of her great stage-presence and her live vocals.

Are you involved in any other music-related projects?

I have been playing the piano since I was 10 and currently learning the guitar. I’m also part of Animae Gospel Choir.

All-time favourite artist/band?

Christina Aguilera

Current favourite song?

You Bring Me Joy – Amelia Lily

Current most-disliked song:

Justin Bieber – Baby


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