Launch of Strummin’ Tribute to the Greats – Press Conference

The panel during the press conference. From left: Mr Luke Grech (band coordinator), Ms Alexia Falzon (ŻĦN President), Hon. Dolores Cristina MP, Dr Victor Calvagna (Puttinu Cares Foundation) and Mr Jean Claude Vancell (editor,

The Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa played host to a press conference this morning, 17 August 2012, as the 11th edition of Strummin’ Tribute to the Greats was launched.

During this press conference Ms Alexia Falzon, President of ŻĦN explained the origins of Strummin’. Mr Luke Grech then went on to explain what the word Strummin’ means: striking the chords of a guitar. He spoke about his personal experience describing Strummin’ as his beginning in the musical scene.

Mr Grech then went on to explain more about the concerts and how these are used to empower youth through music. The talent of each and every individual is emphasised during the summer months by learning and rehearsing new material. The concert leads to developing musical talent and social skills, something which is in line with the individual’s work or studies.

After this, Ms Alexia Falzon presented the money collected during last year’s edition of Strummin’ (Strummin’ Chroma X) to Mr Ian Azzopardi from the Malta Community Chest Fund.

The change of brand name from Strummin’ Home to Strummin’ was explained during the press conference. The change reflected how the project’s aims have expanded during the years, moving from a fundraiser for charities collecting monies for homeless people, to broader causes such as cancer foundations and organisations who help people with mental illnesses. The new logo, designed by Isabel Micallef, was launched during this event, showing its use for this concert and for upcoming concerts in the future.

The 11th edition of Strummin’, dubbed Tribute to the Greats was formally launched. Ticket sales from have already started. Mr Luke Grech explained how a cast of around 100 people, made up of 60 guitarists, 20 singers, a band and other volunteers will be taking part in Strummin’ largest concert yet. On the 14th and 15th September, the cast will be paying tribute to the creme de la creme of the music scene, or as we like to refer to them, our musical royalty. Sir Temi Zammit Hall at the University of Malta was chosen once again as the venue for the concert during which funds will be collected for Puttinu Cares Foundation.

Dr Victor Calvagna (centre) speaking about Puttinu Cares

Dr Victor Calvagna, President of Puttinu Cares, spoke next about the foundation and how, like Strummin’, it had its humble beginnings back in 2001. The aims of the foundation vary from helping to medically cure children, ensure social wellbeing and help people in need. As the years progress the popularity of the foundation increases. Dr Calvagna thanked all the participants of the concert and ŻĦN for choosing the foundation as their beneficiary. He explained how the funds from the concert will be used to build accommodation in Sutton (UK) for patients who are receiving care abroad.

Mr Jean Claude Vancell, editor of, spoke about the website and how it aims to shine a spotlight of the protagonists of the concert. He explained how any talented creative who was once part or still forms part of the project be it a guitarist, musician, photographer, singer, etc is a Strummin’ artist for life. The site is the place to get to know more about our sponsors, the theme, logo competition winner and is used as a platform to promote local talent.

Next Hon Dolores Cristina MP spoke about how lucky we all are to have so many committed people who give their time to do voluntary work. She explained how around 27,000 people in Malta are currently contributing more than 20 hours a week to voluntary work. The time given is never lost as new skills are acquired and a higher level of competency is reached. She praised the work of Strummin’, Puttinu Cares and the Malta Community Chest Fund for the good they are doing in today’s society.

The press conference drew to a close as the sponsors for this edition were thanked: Nestlé, Bank of Valletta, Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa, The Sound System, Studio 7, and Revlon.

The press pack distributed during the press conference may be downloaded from here.

A large thank you to Siemenjov Galdes for the photos he took at the press conference!

More images from the press conference can be seen here:

Hon Dolores Cristina MP speaking at the press conference.

Mr Jean Claude Vancell, editor of

Ms Alexia Falzon presenting the funds collected during Strummin’ Chroma X (2011)

Becky and Krista from, the official ticket engine for Strummin’ Tribute to the Greats


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