A few weeks ago whilst on a stroll, I happened to meet a pal of mine. I mentioned the Strummin’ concert and I encouraged him to attend the upcoming event.. He asked me to post the event link on his Facebook timeline and said he might think about it.. He shrugged at the idea of guitarists lashing covers of what they considered good music. I breathed a sigh and continued with my stroll.

His shrug never left my mind and I sat down to write my thoughts…

First of all, Strummin’ is not a cover song concert..

Let us take a look at the project: It has been going for more than a decade (This is the eleventh edition). It has raised funds and provided pivotal resources for the success and collaboration of musical artists. It has launched and contributed countless musical ideas and directions. From the top of my head: Relikc, Miss Chief, Dana McKeon, Vancell, Ellipse, Fiction Spin (I am definitely forgetting someone… apologies)

Secondly, it is more fun preparing for it

It is indeed a rare opportunity to marry your dreams with the time available. Strummers just do that without blinking twice. The core team has been meeting for months and the amount of work behind each initiative has already reached newer levels than preceding years. It is as if we need to go an extra mile than last year. I guess that the thing drives us, is to find ourselves doing our best.

Thirdly, the project does indeed bring joy to many people

Witnessing someone who is taking his or her first guitar lessons and then perform on stage is joyful. Indeed the process can be painful to the ear. However, the joy spread to the audience on those few hours on stage can only be witnessed and, if lucky, captured by our filming and photography crew.

As I am writing this, we are prepping up for the busy days ahead with marathon update meetings, avalanche of e-mails, and countless errands.

Still the universe has to move on.. allonsy..

Robert Cassar


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