Strummin’ 2012 singer: Annemarie Mayo

She’s been taking part in Strummin’ for quite some time and we can now call her a veteran. Annemarie, whose unique voice will open the show on the 14th and 15th September, will be rocking to Led Zeppelin.

Annemarie Mayo

Occupation: Architect

How did you get to know about Strummin’?

I got to know about Strummin’ through some friends at VOICES.

When did you first participate in Strummin’?

I first participated in Strummin’ way back in 2002. It was the second edition. My favourite edition was definitely the 10th, Strummin’ Chroma X. That was also the year when I started helping out the committee by raising sponsorships.

What would you tell people who are interested in taking part in Strummin’ next year?

Book your place on stage early! Interest in Strummin’ is increasing every year!

When did you first start singing?

I’ve sang for as long as I can remember… though never thought much of my voice until the age of 16.

Which band/artist/concert/festival would you most want to watch live?

Kate Bush… an impossible dream because she never performs live 😦

Is there a local artist or band you look up to?

Looking back, Ira Losco was the first local artist that really inspired me. She made waves at the St Aloysius’ College Battle of the Bands one year before my time at SAC began.

Are you involved in any other music-related projects?

I am a VOICES choir member and soloist, I play guitar badly and I’ve just started learning to play the piano. Last year, I fooled everyone into thinking I could play the harmonica… but that is the only line I can play!

All-time favourite artist/band?

Kate Bush (Running Up That Hill)

Current favourite song?

Florence and the Machine (Breath of Life)

Current most-disliked song:

Not a current song, but my all-time most hated has always been “Rivers of Babylon” by Boney M… no idea why, but I just can’t stand it!


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