Strummin’ 2012 singer: Stephanie Soler

Law student Stephanie Soler will be blasting out notes to make the very best of singers envious next Friday and Saturday at Strummin’ Tribute to the Greats, while she pays tribute to one of the most loved musical divas in history: Whitney Houston.

Stephanie Soler

Age: 21

Occupation: Fifth Year Law Student


How did you get to know about Strummin’?

Through friends.


When did you first participate in Strummin’?

This is my first year 🙂


What would you tell people who are interested in taking part in Strummin’ next year?

It’s a really great concert, made up of extremely talented people, and it’s for a really good cause so it makes it extra special.


When did you first start singing?

I started training with a vocal coach at the age of 10.


Which band/artist/concert/festival would you most want to watch live?

Beyoncé, Andrea Bocelli, Florence + The Machine, Rihanna


Are you involved in any other music-related projects?

I’m currently rehearsing for the muscial ‘Legally Blonde’, which is going to take place in November at the Manoel Theatre. I’m also practicing for my grade 4 exam in piano, and working up to my Grade 7 in singing. I’m also starting a new band with a friend.


All-time favourite artist/band?



Current favourite song?


Current most-disliked song:

Lady Gaga- Judas


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