Strummin’ – Trivia on the Greats! Installment 3


In the final run-up to the concert, we will be slowly revealing the artists we will be paying tribute to. Think you know all there is to know about The Greats? How much of the following is new to you?



Amy Winehouse on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine

We all have big dreams and little dreams. In 2007, Amy Winehouse revealed to “Rolling Stone Magazine” that as a child she dreamed of becoming a waitress on roller-skates, just like the girls in the movie “American Graffiti”.

Amy received her first guitar when she was 13. That was also around the time she got her nose pierced.


Whitney Houston

In 1989, Whitney gave back by setting up The Whitney Houston Foundation for Children, a non-profit organisation which promotes self-image and provides opportunities for underpriviledged children It benefits the homeless, children with AIDS, children’s literacy, and the prevention of child abuse.

In her life, Whitney was plagued by a minimum of 20 stalkers. Scary, huh?



The name ABBA came about because of their four members’ names, namely, Anni-Frid, Bjorn, Benny and Agnetha. However, they first sought permission from a Swedish seafood company who bore the same name. The latter agreed just so long as the band behaved themselves… so much for trashed hotel rooms!



Despite R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe’s penchant for shaving his head, he actually sported shoulder-length hair in the band’s earlier years.

More on band names: Just like the stage of sleep, R.E.M. stands for “Rapid Eye Movement”.


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