Strummin’ 2013 is on the roll

Strummin' Tribute to the Greats

We kicked off July in the most exciting way for us — meeting up with old Strummers and new to go over rehearsal details for the upcoming edition of the concert. Tens of guitarists gathered at Cardijn Centre in St Paul’s Bay, yesterday, for a meeting during which many people rekindled friendships and started new ones with the freshly recruited members.

The committee served a treat when they showed last year’s recording on DVD, which is now available for all those who had ordered it.

The Strummin’ week doesn’t end here… Singing auditions will take place this week between Thursday and Saturday. The judges will be listening to over 90 singers audition with their song of choice from the setlist. We wish them all the best of luck as they belt out their favourite tunes. We can’t wait to see everyone on stage!

Keep tuned to Strummin’ Artists for more updates on this year’s edition of the Strummin’ concert and news from all the artists themselves!


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