Akustika Leħen Malta serenades University

I’m not one to willingly sit down and write reviews as such, but as I sit here comfortably at home, feeling a cool breeze through the window, I can’t help gushing about what an amazing evening this was. Akustika Leħen Malta … frankly I’m still buzzing.

So I head down to the University’s Atriju Vassalli (that’s the quadrangle for us laypeople) for the event and as I’m a huge fan of Akustika, having followed their evolution since their very first concert seven years ago, I had a pretty good idea of what to expect. Once again I was not disappointed.

For starters, an open air theatre, an eager audience and an unusual cool breeze on this August evening, made the ambience perfect. Combine that with talent and you will get what an evening with Akustika is all about.

To say that this band is super-talented is like informing the scientific community that the Earth revolves around the sun. (Incidentally I would strongly advise against this. It would only get you a polite hum and perhaps even a mental facepalm. Unless of course you’re taking the mickey!)

This particular concert stands out. For the first time ever, Akustika’s repertoire was made up entirely of Maltese songs – a true celebration of Maltese culture and a tribute to Maltese artists. Interpreting songs in Maltese can be risky, particularly if they are well known to the audience. Yet ingeniously, Akustika pulled it off. In other words, here was an experiment which went well.

The choice of songs was superb! My personal favourites were Taħżiż, Kemm hu Sabiħ and Bikja, sung by Isabel, Jean Claude and Janice respectively. The band’s version of Fil-Pjazza tar-Raħal got me reaching for a tissue and a hand mirror, hoping that my mascara did not run! Charles Camilleri would have been proud with Żifna tal-Kampanja, and yes, the band’s rendition of Xemx, which Akustika will also be interpreting in this year’s Strummin’ the Elements, was absolutely brilliant… now there’s a spoiler for you!

What can I say? It was an amazing evening and after eight years, I still can’t get enough of Akustika. So quickly, raise your glass … here’s to more Akustika in the years to come!


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