Strummin’ Production Week 2013 – DAY 1

It’s finally here! After months of preparation, a cast of over a 100 people will race through the last week of music, fun and charity. This week look out for guitarists with calluses on their fingers and a general aura of tiredness, singers with bouts of prima donna syndrome (I’m one of them, so I am allowed to say this) and people from production crew generally exhausted from polishing the 80+ guitars that will appear on stage. The band members remain the most grounded and relaxed, rocking their way through 20 of the greatest-element-related songs in the history of music.

So what happens today? Oh we’re really busy! Here goes:


The cast performed a whole run through of the show, while our stage was set up. Lights and projector have been set up together with the numerous platforms for our guitarists. All is set for sound checks to start tomorrow.
The committee was busy overlooking the stage set up and were later featured in some radio programmes to promote this weekend’s event.
That’s all for now… More updates tomorrow 🙂


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