Strummin’ Production Week 2013 – DAY 2

T shirtsWe moved to Sir Temi Zammit Hall!!! After a very long day setting up the stage yesterday, it’s time for the band to set up.

The committee met up with comperes Luke Dalli and Pawlu Borg Bonaci to finalise details about their script, making sure our audience will be in fits of laughter in between songs. This will be Luke’s third time in a row presenting Strummin’ while Pawlu returns to our stage for the second time.

The whole band had their sound check and everything is sounding pretty good. The newest addition to the band is a string quartet which we heard for the very first time yesterday. In the meantime, the lovely people from Studio 7 were trying out lights on our shiny new stage during the sound check.

In other news, the cast’s t-shirts have arrived and are looking INCREDIBLE! Guitarists and singers alike will be swarming around University grounds tonight in their colourful new attire designed by Matt Grima Connell.

What have I been doing this whole time? Yeah well, I was locked at home in front of my beloved PC, editing the Behind the Scenes video that will be shown during the show this Friday and Saturday. It took the best part of 4 hours of my time, countless gigabytes of footage and a very cool theme-related mashup to create the video. I just hope people enjoy watching the process of creating this wonderful event!

So what’s next? Singers and guitarists move in and have their sound checks in a technical rehearsal which will probably last for eternity — but let’s face it, we know it will be worth all the effort! More updates from the hall tomorrow!


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