Strummin’ Production Week 2013 – DAY 3

Day 3 has arrived and the whole cast is full of energy as we hit the stage at University of Malta. The stage has never been so full! Over 80 guitarists, a band, a string quartet and a brass section…oh and singers! It’s a spectacle to the eyes!
Technical rehearsals always take time, but everything moved surprisingly smoothly. The guitarists seem to be enjoying themselves and sound divine from the hall. TV crews from local stations flocked to the venue to cover the event in news. Let’s face it… it’s not everyday that you see so many guitarists on stage all at once!

The cast later queued up to get the t-shirts they will be wearing during the shows and were divided into each of the elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Some even managed to purchase a goodie bag full of merchandise during their short break! The merchandise will be on sale on the nights, so make sure you don’t miss out. We have some great stuff prepared for you.

The singers were cheering each other on as they performed the songs. Everyone agrees that there’s a special bond between the singers this year. It’s great to see new friendships forged! The band is sounding marvellous, all thanks to their talents and to our patient sound-man, Jon from Sound System.

After having watched the batch of songs, all performed in order, I have to say we have quite a great show lined up for you! Tickets are selling like hot cakes so I recommend you get yours fast from here.

More updates from the hall tomorrow, as we perform 2 run throughs of the show in full costume! Let’s keep on strummin’!


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