Elementary presenting — Pawlu Borg Bonaci and Luke Dalli speak to us about this year’s show

In between songs yesterday I met up with the presenting duo Pawlu Borg Bonaci and Luke Dalli who have volunteered to host the show this year. The pair have already hosted Strummin’ Chroma X in 2011 and kept the audience entertained with their gags, changing costumes, playing songs and teasing the cast. We ask them what we should expect at the shows today and tomorrow and why they said yes to hosting the show.

Luke Dalli and Pawlu Borg Bonaci during the dress rehearsal for Strummin' the Elements (2013)

Luke Dalli and Pawlu Borg Bonaci during the dress rehearsal for Strummin’ the Elements (2013)

Pawlu Borg Bonaci

So this is the second time you will be hosting the show. What brought you back?

Well, they called and asked me to do it. I said yes! I like the show due to the fact that there’s a good mix of guitarists, singers and great music. I am a guitarist myself so I feel at home, apart from the fact that the concept of the concert itself is really good. The fact that guitarists with all kinds of musical backgrounds, be it beginners and experts alike, are put together on one stage is a great way of inspiring people who want to become musicians.

This year we will be collecting funds for Hospice Malta. What are your thoughts about it?

I think all charities have a very good cause behind them, and I enjoy doing  my part for each and every one of them. The cancer phenomenon has affected me particularly. I have lost many friends to cancer, some of whom were musicians. Some other acquaintances are living this reality today. Everyone relates to this cause since it is so close to home. This week in particular we lost a great woman and good friend [Nirvana Ciavola Azzopardi] and this has spiked the urge to do something about cancer even more. I’d like to dedicate these two nights to Nirvana and to my friends who are currently fighting this battle.

Luke Dalli

You have presented the show for three times in a row. What keeps bringing you back to Strummin’?

The greatest thing about this show is the atmosphere that is created between the cast and audience. Having children and mature people in the same cast, doing the very same thing and becoming friends is already good… to have their talents combined for one show is even better.

Did you have time to hear the setlist this year? Which is your favourite song?

I think I enjoyed ‘Have You Ever Seen The Rain’ most. I like Coldplay too so their song is one of my favourites. However, there is definitely a song for everyone. It’s a great show put up by very talented people and I’m enjoying every second of it.

Last year you were teamed up with Frank Zammit and you both gave a fantastic show. This year you’re reunited with Pawlu. How is the pairing different?

I enjoy working with both Frank and Pawlu. The style of presenting with both personalities is different due to how our characters bounce off each other. With Pawlu, this year, we will be going back to being the two big guys who need to explain the simplest things in the most complicated ways. We worked on a lot of gags including a song, poems, games and will be interacting a lot with the audience.

– – –

We’d like to thank both Luke and Pawlu for the interview and wish them the best of luck in hosting this year’s show! Let’s get Strummin’!


One thought on “Elementary presenting — Pawlu Borg Bonaci and Luke Dalli speak to us about this year’s show

  1. I see you have no comments yet and would like to start this going. I compliment all the cast for their dedication for a very worthy cause. My daughter who is not yet ten years old is in the cast for the first time and she is enjoying herself and giving all her best especially when we have had the opportunity to know exactly what the Hospice Movement stands for. These people deserve all our help as they are there when it matters most and they do this with love pouring out to the people effected with unforeseen changes in their lives. So come on all do your bit and help these people as no one knows what is round the corner waiting for us tomorrow.


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