Earth. Air. Fire. Water. Happiness.

I’m still pretty emotional after an AWESOME Strummin’ the Elements show! Dear Esteemed Reader, for the following couple of minutes, yours truly might be using the word “Awesome” quite a lot. A thousand apologies for the inconvenience this may cause, but so far I’ve failed to describe the show in any other way and I must make my feelings known. Please do read on…

Admittedly, when I was first told that this year’s theme would be the elements, I looked up my mother’s chemistry books as soon as I got home. Goodness knows how they’ll be singing about potassium and magnesium this year, I thought, although with the creative bunch at Strummin’, you’d never know. Common Sense rolled her eyes at me and I admit I felt a bit daft when I realised that it wasn’t the periodic table of elements we were talking about here but Earth, Air, Fire and Water … Elements … oohhhh!!

So started weeks, nay, months of preparation in order to create one strummin’ awesome show. I was one of eighty guitarists on stage this year. *Gasp* Eighty? Yes, EIGHTY! And where else would you find a guitar choir of eighty strummers on one stage? Being on stage with my fellow strumming guitarists, with the talented band, and the equally talented singers was as magical as seeing a fully-packed house with a warm audience and a standing ovation in the end from the audience in the gallery. Now tell me, how can that not be awesome?

We strummed and sang along to some great songs about rain and fires, with my personal favourites being Singing in the Rain, Great Balls of Fire and Xemx. And I bet you all the strummers remember the chords to the songs… well most of the chords anyway! DDCD anyone? Furthermore, our comperes — that dynamic duo Pawlu Borg Bonaci and Luke Dalli — had us all in fits of laughter within the first ten minutes of the show.

To the 2013 Strummin’ Committee — your blood, sweat and tears were far from in vain chaps, as we have ample proof so you can give yourselves a well-deserved pat on the back!

Simply put, not only was this year’s edition the biggest show so far but we all pretty pleased with ourselves for having helped out Hospice Malta in their valuable mission.

Once again Strummin’, you failed to disappoint! Big Time!

alla prossima…


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