Lusciously Red

Frawla in action

FRAWLA 1. ( Maltese, n.) strawberry – rich in vitamins, and super yummy when combined with chocolate or ice cream.

                      2. two friends turned DJ, playing indietronica and ’60s music.

Now, whenever I think ‘gig’, I get visions in my head of live bands with guitars, drums, keyboards, lead singer and the works. On Sunday evening, however, I was treated to something rather out of the ordinary, thanks to two friends who have quite a lot in common — both of them redheads; both of them love good music; and both of them veterans when it comes to anything Strummin’! Now this dynamic duo has turned DJ on us!

Meet Annemarie Mayo and Martha Pace. Annemarie is an architect, Martha is a Communication Therapy student at Uni, currently in her final year. On Sunday evening, they had their debut DJing gig together as ‘Frawla’. I had a word with the girls right after their gig to get the low-down about this, their latest venture:

So how did it feel to be a DJ this evening? Have you ever done this sort of thing before?

Annemarie: Pretty good! I’m thinking of getting proper decks!

Martha: It was so much fun! I had never done anything like this before, but I practised a lot for this and I couldn’t be happier really.

You two became friends through ŻĦN, mainly through Strummin’. Annemarie, you’re a singer in Strummin’, and Martha, you’ve always taken part as a strumming guitarist. How did you get together for such a project? And why DJing and not a gig for example?

M: We’ve been friends for quite a while now! 5 years? We wanted to do something new, something we were both new at.

A: I’m very good at getting people to step out of their comfort zone.

M: It dawned on us one night while we were driving to a pub. I was skimming through Anne’s phone and I realised how similar our tastes in music are … and well here we are!

Annemarie Mayo

Let’s talk about the name. ‘Frawla’ sounds a bit like a Girl Power-themed thing!

M: Since we’re both redheads, we looked for something red and fun. And ‘frawla’ sounds better than ‘tadama’, right? [laughs]

A: There’s also a Frau in every Frawla!

Martha Pace

Choice of music. What were your influences? Did your experience in Strummin’ have anything to do with this?

M: I’ve always been into 60s music. I think that love really developed in my 9 years in Strummin’. I also like me some indietronica and some alternative beats. I think Strummin’ has really exposed us to new and good music!

A: We also love the fun poppy glamour of the French yé-yé girls and we tried to bring that into our image as well.

Now, this evening was pretty much a success. Is this the last we hear of Frawla?

A: Frawla would not be possible without the very talented Shaun Abdilla – Frawla’s official photographer. His photos really helped hype up the event.

M: YES! Frawla lives on!

Photographer Shaun Abdilla with Frawla on the night.

Frawla played Coach & Horses, Msida on Sunday 16th February as part of the Homebakes series.


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