Still flying the kite high

Last year, we at Strummin’ Artists sat down for a chinwag with The Kite Project and got the lowdown of what they were all about — a multi-disciplinary venture combining music and art. The project was supported by the Malta Arts Fund, and the band recently released their EP album The Kite Project. And by George, they’ve done it! The end result is cool animations in black and white, and Malta’s very first animated band. Of course people still do wonder why drummer Lesnich’s cartoon is a cross between a porcupine and a wookie, but never mind…

The band had asked their audience to choose a number of songs during an interactive gig last year and four tracks made it on the EP:

Track 1 Don’t Hesitate All about the one who did hesitate until the girl slipped away from him… it’s all in the lyrics really – “Wasting time is wrong”.

Track 2 Circus Another catchy tune about letting go, turning the page, and pursuing dreams.

Track 3 Cauldron Heart The only ballad on the EP and a love song about that special someone who is there for you through those tough times. Not so catchy when compared to the other songs perhaps, but before the romance-sceptics dismiss this, hear us out. The vocals and piano are beautiful on this track, making it definitely worth the listen.

Track 4 Friends Loving the ukulele and banjo on this track, this song is the band’s fitting tribute to their friends, family and loved ones. Because why just use words to say ‘thank you’ when you’re gifted enough to put it in song, right?

As ambitious as gelling art and music is, The Kite Project rose to the challenge with this album. A perfect combination of cool cartoons and animations, great music, and not forgetting an awesome video for Don’t Hesitate, the The Kite Project EP is a gem and a work of art in its own right. Well done! 10/10

The Kite Project EP is available for sale or download on Don’t Hesitate, the first single off this EP, is currently being played on local airwaves. The Kite Project may be followed on Facebook here and on their official site Photo by Shaun Abdilla





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