Cinnamon War debut single on the Maltese Scene

Cinnamon War is a band with a genuine love for playing together. Fronted by Mike [Portelli, who took part in the latest edition of Strummin’ The Elements] who yields a raw powerful voice, the band delivers a heavy rhythm, for a collective sound reminiscent of 70s classic rock, as well as 90s grunge. Although the band members are reluctant to label their music style, they also cite contemporary influences including Foo Fighters and Biffy Clyro.

Cinnamon War - Band Members

Cinnamon War — Samuel (drums), Robert (guitar), Andre (bass) and Mike (vocals)

After a spell of live gigs which saw very positive response for their original material, the four-man line-up have now hit the Maltese airwaves with their brand new debut single Brightest Light. The band describe the song as the lament of a man in crisis, as it visits elements of childhood nostalgia and bitterness of the overwhelming pace of daily routine. Brightest Light interplays between two trains of thoughts; a frustrated outlook and a positive resolution found in the comfort of close friends or a special person. The band believes that the song delves into personal thoughts which a lot of people can identify with. Coming to terms with the understanding that some big dreams are fading away unrealised is a common experience which can lead to a negative bitter attitude unless one learns to appreciate simple experiences and the love of close people around him.

This song therefore comes at a very fitting time for the lead singer who has just embraced fatherhood. In fact the band delayed the release of their debut single due to various personal commitments. The band now looks forward with energy and enthusiasm to keep creating and sharing their music.

For upcoming news and events, follow Cinnamon War on their official website, on Facebook or on Twitter. Brightest Light can be heard on various local radio stations.

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