Fired Up: latest release from Kid Crisis x Zach

Kid Crisis x Zach have just released their latest single Fired Up, teaming up with Leona from Cryptic Street.

Kid Crisis x Zach together with Leona

Kid Crisis x Zach together with Leona

Zach started working with Julian Gatt (Kid Crisis) last January when they formed the rap rock duo. Julian is on vocals whilst Zach rocks the guitar.

Their first single, Fired Up, is a funky feel good track for Summer. Julian came up with the main drum beat which in turn inspired the 70s funk-sounding guitars. Lyrics were inspired from a summer weekend they shared with friends the previous year. Zach added, “To top it off we invited Leona (from Cryptic Street) to sing the chorus and bridge of the song. She did a remarkable job—her talent is beyond measure”. The final result after recording was a fresh song with roots in hip hop, pop, funk and jazz which will make the ideal soundtrack to any summer party.

The song is currently being played on most radio stations in Malta. The song will be released on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube in mid-June.

Follow Kid Crisis x Zach on Facebook here.


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