Akustika hits the dance floor

Akustika Dance Anthems

I am always curious about what Akustika are up to whenever they announce any of their concerts. But curiouser and curiouser, dance floor anthems from the 90s and 00s in an acoustic gig? Intriguing!

Photo by Edward Duca

Photo by Edward Duca

To put our dear strummers and readers in the picture, Akustika are a band of talented musicians performing — as the name of course implies — acoustic music, and have been around for nine years. Last year’s concert ‘Akustika Leħen Malta’ formed part of the Evenings on Campus programme designed by the University of Malta, and it was a hit! This year Akustika hit the stage at University again with a completely different genre of music.

So I found myself on a nice Wednesday evening back at the Msida campus for what I knew would be great — a mild word here, I’m afraid — songs and music.

I truly appreciated the trip down memory lane with the choice of songs. I distinctly remember singing ‘Rhythm of the Night’, ‘I’ve Been Thinking About You’, ‘Rhythm is a Dancer’, ‘L’Amour Toujours’ and ‘Where Do You Go’ with my mates at the top of our lungs on our way to school, and annoying poor Richie Tal-Vann in the process!

If that was not enough, Akustika then had one surprise in store! After apologising somewhat for having one song that was not a dance anthem as such, the band went on to give an awesome rendition of ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’! Who knew our three vocalists could rap? It’s a small wonder the crowd went wild, demanding an encore!

There’s a reason why this gang is brilliant, and that is because it takes gifted musicians to give dance music an acoustic sound without making it sound pathetic. But Akustika, I feel, are ambitious and not afraid of a challenge. And they can pull it off, AND make it look easy-peasy! Mission accomplished!

Simply put and in a nutshell: Bravo! Well done Akustika! You never fail to entertain!



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