Strummin’ for Change — 2 weeks away from a revolution

The guitarists are changing their strings and polishing the woodwork. The singers are busy doing vocal runs and fine-tuning their diction. The committee is pulling out all the stops to put up the best show in Strummin’s 13-year history. We’re just two weeks away!

A lot of preparation has gone into this year’s Strummin’ and the cast are buzzing with excitement as the show draws nearer. In the coming days, watch out for Strummin’ TV adverts, appearances by our cast and a couple of radio interviews. We are trying our best to get the best audience in years.

This year’s beneficiaries are a funny bunch! Dr Klown will be benefitting from the profit the concert makes this year. With an large array of clown doctors who bring smiles to people’s faces in hospital (and elsewhere), Dr Klown deserve all the help they are given. An incredible amount of enthusiasm surrounds these clowns and their smiles are simply infectious. We hope to get to meet loads of them during the concerts. We were lucky enough to meet some at Dr Klown Day held at The Point last Saturday (check video below).

Tickets for this year’s concert are now for sale at Make sure to come and bring over your family and friends — this is one show not to be missed!


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