Confessions from the Strummin’ for Change singers

So what is it like to sing at Strummin’?

That is one question I get a lot after each show and, let me tell you, it can’t be easily summed up in a few words. The wall of sound that surrounds you when performing on the Strummin’ stage has to be experienced to be understood. We are the privileged few who can tell you about it all. Here are some comments about the Strummin’ experience from my singer friends:

Nathalie Pace:

Making friends with people you don’t know, and catching up with those you met the year before. Excitement, the vibe of the audience, backstage crew calming singers (me) down, singing to each other’s songs and supporting each other from behind the scenes. Feeling part of a BIGGG FAMILY!

Daryl Ebejer

First time I attended a Strummin’ rehearsal I was struck by all the young kids playing AND singing along……of course there were older “kids” too . You don’t get to see that while playing in a heavy metal band!! The enthusiasm of the back stage crew and all involved in Strummin’ had me hooked! …and I wanted to return the next year

Graziana Axisa

We’ll be having a great time channelling our inner-children!

Martina Vella

It was a summer of chasing after everyone and now, during the night, trying to calm everyone down!

Gianni Selvaggi

I look forward to the excitement backstage and the nerves.. that are washed away as you come out to sing, backed by an awesomely positive vibe of the smiling guitarists strumming away. It helps me cope with the little bit of stage-fright.

Luke Cucciardi

There is no particular moment that I’m looking forward to… I just can’t wait for the WHOLE experience!!

Kelly Busuttil

I’m looking forward to the crowd and to spotting Luke Grech’s little nephew playing the toy guitar in the audience just like last year, before I sang my song! I look forward to being myself while driving people around me crazy during the last rehearsals. I’ll be either running around full of hyperactivity or dead tired after a day working on university work, then falling asleep xD I look forward to seeing all the band, guitarists and singers come together. To sum it all up: I look forward to being a rockstar!

Marilyn Aquilina

I’m looking forward to further explore my talent as a backing dancer

Andy Muscat

I love every second that I get to be on stage but waiting for the encores was my favourite moment last year. We were all singing together before being called for the curtain call and it’s in a moment like this that you feel that you’re part of something bigger than just singing your song


Keep in mind that Strummin’ is much more than a show — we are a family of people who look out for one another and work together to put up a great show—one that is coming up THIS WEEKEND.. this is the link for you to buy tickets. Click. Now.

We’ll see you on Friday or Saturday (or both.. why not?) and we promise a great show!

Toodles! 🙂



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