Exciting times

singers auditon week end

Its that time of the year again!

This weekend we’ll be having singers’ auditions for Strummin’ What a Feelin’

Auditons for both solo and backing vocals shall be held from Friday up till Sunday at the ZHN premises in Floriana. No doubt that all the singers will be preparing in earnest for this!

For some Strummin’ might represent a launching platform. Many have dreamt of going on stage and singing their hearts out but have never found the courage to do it. Others might look at this as yet another stepping stone to bigger things.Maybe in this edition we might discover the next Ira or Gianluca (Gianluca Bezzina did actually have some of his early experiences on stage through Strummin) 🙂

Strummin’ also attracts experienced singers,who look at the event as an opportunity to do something different and also,most importantly to volunteer their time,talent and experience to help others.

What ever the case I surely  do not envy the judges! These people will have a big task to pick the singers who will actually make it on stage this October!. There will be songs which will attract a big number of singers,so the judges will probably go to sleep with a couple of songs still ringing in their ears!

On behalf of the committee and singers I would like to thank them in advance for their work.

Two thumbs up and a tap on the back for our singers’ coordinator Martina Vella,who had the arduous job of organizing the schedule for the whole weekend………..not an easy task at all!

Good luck to all involved in this very important part of the preparations for this year’s event.

A word of advice for the singers. Keep calm!…………relax,remember that tension is not good for the voice 🙂
A word of advice for the judges………..Stock well on coffee!! 🙂


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