Strummin’ production week- day 1

The long awaited production week has arrived. It is of course the beginning of the countdown for our two performances and needless to say, the excitement is starting to build up! Today we had two things taking place at approximately the same time.The last mega rehearsal and the start of setting up at Sir Temi Zammit hall.

Some of the organizing committee had to juggle between the two! The light technicians were first on stage to set up and assemble all their equipment. It may sound easier than it actually is! Not the kind of job for anyone scared of a height, that’s for sure!
Next, with the help of our voluntary crew members we carried and assembled the many platforms that make up this year’s stage. It was like putting together a big jigsaw puzzle, only the pieces were much heavier 😉
In the meantime our band, guitar teachers, strummers, backing vocalists and main singers were very busy going through all of the songs during the final rehearsal before we set camp at the STZ hall. Everyone was very concentrated but as ever the fun element remained present! That’s one aspect of Strummin that is appealing to many, the feel good atmosphere within all involved 😀

We’re in the final week of preparations and you could tell that all the singers were very keen not to stress their voices in the run up to the concerts. As a singer myself it always amazes me how the voice always manages to feel weak or comes up with some issue during production week……….or is it just in the mind? 😉 I’m sure all of our singers will be in top form come Friday night!

Tomorrow it is the band’s turn to start setting up and going over a long sound check! All our strummers get a day off to relax a bit and maybe go over some chord sequence which may be a bit tricky.

It has been a long day! And this was just the start! Well,its widely accepted that in order to deliver a great show you need to go through a lot of work…………and we’re all up for it,rest assured!


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