Strummin’ production week- day 2

IMG_1701The second day of production week was mainly dedicated to technical stuff. The final touches on the stage were taken care of.All the chairs for our strummers were put in place too. Tomorrow will be the actual test for this.All the strummers will descend onto the hall with their guitars and the logistical work of placing all of the 60 performers will begin.

Lights crew continued their work and a number of tests and adjustments were made regarding the projections on the screen at the back of the stage. These will play an integral part of our show.Our strummer Siobhan Vassallo has put in a lot of effort in this regard, helped as always by another strummer Sarah Salafia.

Today was also the day Jon, our sound man came in with his crew. Jon’s ability to mix work and fun makes him fit in nicely with the spirit of Strummin:)  All things were set and tested In order to make tomorrow’s sound check run as smooth as possible.The band has set up all the equipment and everything is set for tomorrow! It will be the day where the strummers and singers will begin to get into the groove of things for this year’s edition. It will also add more work and excitement for all involved.


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