Strummin’ production week- day 3


Sound checks galore!
Yes, the longest day, as ever was the day when we had our mega sound check. It is not an easy task for sure. With the numbers reaching close to 70 people on stage, the job in hand is obviously time consuming. We also had the task of placing our sixty strummers on stage.Our guitarists’ coordinators Maria and Martha had the unenviable task of handling this. This was not their first time however, so they handled it with relative ease.
To add to the excitement, this was also the day where the Strummin t shirts were handed out. Our designer Jean Claude Vancell came up the design which is part of a holistic design theme which runs through the t shirts,booklets, posters/flyers, guitar picks and also projections. WELL DONE JEAN! 🙂misc 023
We also had a number of other items on the merch list which were on display for the first time. I got to say the guitar pick key chain was the first thing on my list to purchase. Very cool!

Our communications team was still coming up with ideas for the “making of” video and they were busy at work trying to get all of the crew involved. I am looking forward to see the final product. Sound check is also a good time for our singers to get to know each other better because they are usually the last to go on stage.The singers’ coordinator Martina makes sure that all get to know each other so a team spirit is built. Even though the singers perform individually we’re all in this together to achieve our goals of providing an excellent night for our audience and raise as much funds as possible for our beneficiary St.Jeanne Antide Foundation. I had the chance to hear some of them for the first time and I’ve got to say that we’ve got some excellent talent on display 😀

This evening we’ll be joined by our little and large couple who will be hosting the nights, Luke Dalli and Ronald Briffa. These guys will definitely add more colour and humour to our show.We will also be having a full rehearsal including lights and projections so tonight is the last night of preparation before the big night!!


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