Strummin’ production week- day 4

strummin dress rehearsal

The final night of preparation; where everything starts to feel like the real deal! The last chance to tweak some things in order to have everything running smoothly on showtime. We had the first glimpse of what our hosts Luke & Ron have planned. The mischievous duo has some nice surprises prepared for our audience!
Things ran smoothly through the night and we also saw the communications’ team work on screen for the first time.Very cool I must say! Well done to all involved.We also had the time to personalize each concert booklet so each person in the audience will get a unique booklet,signed and “decorated” by our cast and crew 😀

So today it s D day! The organizing committee still has work to do, so its an early call for all involved.On behalf of all the cast and crew I thank them for their time and dedication.Team work is always an important aspect of any organization and I feel all involved worked well as a team.

This evening we will be joined also by some special guests. Some of the sponsors,who are essential for our organization! Without their input it would be very hard for us to manage to raise some funds for our beneficiaries!Obviously St.Jeanne Antide Foundation,our beneficiary for this year,will have their representative in the audience too.

Friday and Saturday’s shows are the time to reap the rewards of many months of work from all involved.The organizing committee, the guitar teachers, strummers, singers and of course our talented band.
We’re all raring to go and looking forward to enjoy Strummin’ What a Feelin’


One thought on “Strummin’ production week- day 4

  1. A big big round of applause for all of you took part in strummin and made it real. We have a lot of talented people and good youths who offer their free time for a good cause. I really enjoyed myself yest , as in previous years and so did all the rest of the audience, I’m sure. Ron and luke made it sure to entertain us. It was a great evening. Well done for all the effort you all made to make it happen. May god bless you .


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