Strummin’ at Evenings on Campus 2016

Yesterday evening the Strummin’ cast and band performed at the Evenings on Campus Festival in the University Quadrangle. Here are the pictures from the event.

Singers: Remy Azzopardi, Cheryl Camilleri, Janice Debattista, Paul Torpiano, Ryan Grech, Mark Anthony Bartolo, Daryl Ebejer, Jean Claude Vancell, Martha Muscat, Josef Tabone

Guitarists: Maria Attard, Alessia Micallef

Band: Luke Grech, Mathias Mallia, Lesnich Vassallo, Nigel Buttigieg, Joseph Axiak, Raphael Tonna, Dean Montanaro

Guitar Tech: Malcolm Bonnici

Video team: Siobhan Vassallo, Sarah Salafia

Special thanks to the team at Evenings on Campus and to Lorleen Farrugia for the photos.


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