Raring to go!

It seems like yesterday that we had started to discuss plans for this year’s edition and then BAMMM!! All of a sudden it’s production week!

Needless to say all of us involved in organizing Strummin will be mega busy this week! We are not complaining though because we know that all the work we have put in to make this edition a success will finally bear fruit.

On Monday a number of volunteers will be helping out in the mammoth task of setting up all the platforms that will make up this year’s stage. A lot of work is needed and this year we are very lucky to have a good number of people who are willing to give a hand. At the same time, the music team will be taking care of the final mega rehearsal at the University Chapel, just a few meters away from Sir Temi Zammit Hall. Some of use will be shuttling from one place to the other! It’s hectic but it is also part of the experience J
This will be the final time that any fine tuning between strummers, band and singers can take place. The next time all the musicians meet will on stage for sound check on Wednesday! The music team has a lot to chew on this evening! But they have their own way of turning a rehearsal into a fun experience for all involved.

We know that we will return home late and knackered tonight but we also know that crunch time has started and we can’t wait to get on stage on Friday!

Strummin is suppported by  XFM100.2 – Olimpus Music Ltd. and Icreatmotion Photography


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