Production week- day 3 .Lights, sound, action!

Things are slowly taking shape. The band’s sound check has taken place late on Tuesday night. It is now time for the Strummers and the singers to take to the stage.

Tonight the Strummin Let’s Dance t-shirts will be handed out. All sizes are sorted and the strummers’ list double checked. The amount of enthusiasm that this part of the preparation generates is amazing! This year we have also added an extra t-shirt with a different design as part of our merchandise list and it has already proven to be popular among the crew. All t shirt designs as well as all the design work related to this year’s edition of Strummin was entrusted to Jean Claude Vancell. Jean is a regular to Strummin and he is always ready to help in any way he can.

Apart from the sound check, other matters will need to be sorted out tonight as well. Planning the layout of the merchandise stands, going through the guests’ list and many other small details that will ultimately help to make this edition another success J

Tonight is the night when things will start to feel real! We are itching to go!

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Tickets for Friday and Saturday are available from Trackage Scheme



Production week – day 2. Strummers’ day off

The final mega rehearsal was over and I’ve got to say I was impressed by what all our strummers, singers and band have managed this year. The set list is overflowing with feel-good songs that will have everyone present on their feet. Really looking forward to this year’s edition! The team has made an effort to make this year’s edition an extra special one to celebrate 15 years of Strummin’!

Tonight we are back at Sir Temi Zammit Hall to continue in our preparations. Tonight is all about technicalities. The lights will need to be tested and adjusted, the band will be setting up all the equipment on stage and getting a lengthy sound check. It is a task which will inevitably involve hours of work but it is obviously necessary to obtain good quality sound on the nights of the performances. We are lucky that our sound engineer, Jon Vella from The Sound System is well accustomed with Strummin’ and is the first one to  lighten things up and calm the nerves when things get tricky. As long as we keep his coffee intake regular, I’m sure we’ll have no problems! 🙂 0t3a5884

The strummers have a day off this evening. It will be a good occasion to re-charge the battery for the coming two days of preparations before the big night! The next two days will be a bit strenuous for all involved so a good rest is welcome.

Besides the technical preparations other matters will need to be addressed this evening. The sorting of the Strummin t-shirts has already started thanks to some of our committee members and volunteers. Tomorrow these will be handed out. Putting that t-shirt on will make everyone aware that the time is nigh!
Lots of work still needs to be done but we are one more step closer to Friday.

Today we have  released a new lyric video for our song Lead The Way courtesy of two of our strummers, namely  Siobhan Vassallo and Sarah Salafia . Check it out!

Strummin is suppported by  XFM100.2 – Olimpus Music Ltd. and Icreatmotion Photography

Raring to go!

It seems like yesterday that we had started to discuss plans for this year’s edition and then BAMMM!! All of a sudden it’s production week!

Needless to say all of us involved in organizing Strummin will be mega busy this week! We are not complaining though because we know that all the work we have put in to make this edition a success will finally bear fruit.

On Monday a number of volunteers will be helping out in the mammoth task of setting up all the platforms that will make up this year’s stage. A lot of work is needed and this year we are very lucky to have a good number of people who are willing to give a hand. At the same time, the music team will be taking care of the final mega rehearsal at the University Chapel, just a few meters away from Sir Temi Zammit Hall. Some of use will be shuttling from one place to the other! It’s hectic but it is also part of the experience J
This will be the final time that any fine tuning between strummers, band and singers can take place. The next time all the musicians meet will on stage for sound check on Wednesday! The music team has a lot to chew on this evening! But they have their own way of turning a rehearsal into a fun experience for all involved.

We know that we will return home late and knackered tonight but we also know that crunch time has started and we can’t wait to get on stage on Friday!

Strummin is suppported by  XFM100.2 – Olimpus Music Ltd. and Icreatmotion Photography